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tax preparation OrlandoIf you think online tax software will get you the best refund, think again. You're in danger of overpaying unless a real live Certified Tax Coach makes a plan to reduce your liabilities early on and then expertly prepares your tax return. Don't take risks with your tax return, turn to Peter J. Freuler & Associates, CPA for proactive tax planning strategies combined with tax preparation services you can trust. We understand the pain of high taxes and are dedicated to finding relief for every client.

We're different than the average CPA firm because we're a Certified Tax Coach so our main focus is helping taxpayers reduce tax obligations and preserve wealth. To us, tax preparation is about more than compliance, it's about saving you real money on your taxes. We're specially trained to find significant tax savings, not just complete your tax form. We use powerful tax planning techniques throughout the year to minimize state and federal taxes and increase your after-tax income at year-end.

Tax Return Preparation Services

Relying on us to prepare and file your taxes makes financial sense because we'll make sure that you never miss an opportunity to reduce your tax burden. We are specially educated in taxation so we know how to unravel complex tax laws to uncover hidden credits and deductions. We constantly educate ourselves on new tax legislation and changes to IRS guidelines because we care about saving each client the most money possible. With us in your corner, you can be confident that you'll never pay one dollar more than you legally owe.

Save the MOST Money on Your Taxes

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